BibFrame AV Modeling Study Released

BibFrame AV Modeling Study_20140515

BibFrame AV Modeling Study

Posting on behalf of Andrea Leigh originally posted to the AMIA list-serv.

I would like to share a recent study on audio-visual materials and content (both recorded sound and moving image) in the context of the BIBFRAME initiative. The original announcement, as posted on the BIBFRAME listserv, has been copied at the end of this message and includes a link to the webpage where the report may be found. This study will likely be of interest to those of you concerned with the description of moving images and sound recordings. This work also ties in with goals mentioned in recommendation 3.3 of the National Recording Preservation Plan.

We would like to encourage discussion about descriptive data needs for audio-visual content and materials at this early stage of BIBFRAME development, and hope this study can serve as a common starting point for that discussion across various communities.

Some information about BIBFRAME
The following text comes from the BIBFRAME website’s FAQ page ( “BIBFRAME Initiative is the foundation for the future of bibliographic description that happens on the web and in the networked world. It is designed to integrate with and engage in the wider information community and still serve the very specific needs of libraries…. Although the BIBFRAME Initiative will instantiate a new way to represent and exchange bibliographic data – that is, replace the Machine Readable Cataloging (MARC) format – its scope is broader. As an initiative, it is investigating all aspects of bibliographic description, data creation, and data exchange. In addition to replacing the MARC format, this includes accommodating different content models and cataloging rules, exploring new methods of data entry, and evaluating current exchange protocols.” More information about BIBFRAME may be found at

Andrea Leigh
Head, Moving Image Processing Unit
Library of Congress


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