Events for September and October

Here are some events going on in the rest of September and the month of October around the world. Looks like October is going to be a busy month.
Check out our calendar for future events.


September 17-19th
Baltic Audiovisual Archiving Council (BAAC) Conference
Riga, Latvia

October 5-9th
Int. Assoc. of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA) Conference
Cape Town, South Africa

October 8-11th
Association of Moving Image Archivists Conference
Savannah, Georgia, USA

October 10th, 1pm
AMIA Education Committee meeting

October 18th
Home Movie Day

October 22-25th
International Federation of Television Archives (FIAT, IFAT) Conference
Amsterdam, Netherlands

October 27-31st
Frame 2014: Future for Restoration of Audiovisual Memory in Europe
Paris, France

October 27th
World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

October 30-31st
EUscreenXL Conference
Rome, Italy


September 23rd
Caring for Audiovisual Collections (NEDCC)

October 21st
Assimilating AV into Archival Processing (NEDCC)

October 23rd
PBCore: A How-to and Why-to (AMIA)


October 27th, 9-5pm
Oral History: From Planning to Preservation Workshop (SAA)
University of Texas at Dallas – Eugene McDermott Library Dallas, TX

October 28th
Film Projection Workshop (AMIA)
Alamo Drafthouse, Austin, TX


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