NYU Audiovisual Preservation Exchange visit to Buenos Aires, June 2015

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Posted on behalf of the AMIA Student Chapter at NYU in collaboration with NYU’s master’s program in Moving Image Archiving and Preservation and the Museo del Cine de Buenos Aires, with support from The Film Foundation.

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Now accepting applications from qualified moving image archivists interested in joining a volunteer team of NYU MIAP students, faculty, and alumni for hands-on audiovisual preservation exchange in Buenos Aires during the first two weeks of June 2015.

The APEX initiatives began in 2008 with Professor Mona Jimenez’s project (ongoing annually) in Accra, Ghana (www.apexghana.org) and continued in 2009 when Dan Streible, Howard Besser, Natalia Fidelholtz, and ten others worked alongside the staff of the Museo del Cine in Buenos Aires, led by director Paula Felix-Didier.

Since then, NYU MIAP students have organized and led APEX projects in Bogotá, Colombia (2013, http://apexbogota.wordpress.com) and Montevideo, Uruguay (2014, http://apexnyu.wordpress.com). For 2015, the program returns to Buenos Aires. The Museo del Cine hosts and will set up partnerships with other film and video collections in the city.

The visit is conceived as an exchange opportunity in which we volunteer to assist cultural institutions with film and video collections. Tasks include inspecting, inventorying, and cataloguing, as well as planning preservation partnerships and curatorial projects. The overall goal is to gain experience in international archival settings, assist archives, and exchange knowledge with colleagues.

This will also be the first year that APEX will collaborate with a New York University global site, NYU Buenos Aires. The campus will host a colloquium at the end of the project (and be available to APEX participants for the duration of the trip).

While we are fundraising to cover some expenses (and local hosts are lining up housing), APEX participants are responsible for their own travel and associated costs.

To apply, attach your resumé and respond to the following:

* Describe your experience and training in moving image archiving and preservation. What specific skills could you contribute?

* If hosts in Buenos Aires offer accommodations, are you willing to share a room or apartment?

* Do you have suggestions you have for fundraising?

If you are interested in being part of a team of archivists working alongside colleagues in Buenos Aires during the first two weeks of June 2015, please indicate your interest before Monday, January 19.  Simply e-mail APEX project leaders Lorena Ramirez-Lopez <lrl275[at]nyu.edu> and Allison Whalen <allie.whalen[at]nyu.edu> saying your interested.

Full applications need to be received before January 26. Details below.


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