Get it in Writing: The First Annual AMIA Writer’s Workshop (AMIA 2015)

Posted on behalf of Melissa Dollman as part of the AMIA 2015 Conference in Portland, Oregon.

Get it in Writing: The First Annual AMIA Writer’s Workshop
Wednesday, November 18, 2015
. 1:30pm – 5:30pm

Led by AMIA colleagues with experience on both sides of the writing process (Donald Crafton and Susan Ohmer: authors, professors and current co-editors of The Moving Image; Devin Orgeron: author, professor, co-chair of AMIA’s Publications Committee, and former editor of The Moving Image; Regina Longo: author and associate editor at Film Quarterly; Karen Gracy: author, professor and former editor of The Moving Image; and Melissa Dollman, author, rogue archivist, and co-chair of the AMIA Publications Committee), this workshop is organized under the premise that members of the AMIA community (academics, collectors, archivists, students, etc.) should be publishing variously and widely. Participants will learn the process first-hand while preparing a manuscript and/or proposal for potential submission. The workshop leaders will assist in drafting, help participants decide where to submit their work, answer questions, and give advice that will help participants navigate a process that can be intimidating.  (We aim to make it fun.)

By September 9. Applicants are required to submit a current CV, a draft (any stage – but no more than 8000 words – Times New Roman, 12pt. double-spaced, .doc file format) of the work they will bring to the workshop, and a brief (200 word) description of what they hope the workshop can help them achieve. This can be something written for a class that they were encouraged to publish, a piece that started as a conference paper, something they’ve begun on their own based on original research, etc. The first fifteen people who meet this criteria will be accepted. Please submit proposals to msdollman[at] 

By October 9. Applicants will be notified about approval for the workshop by this date at the latest. Payment for the workshop must be within five days of approval.

Please note: You must be pre-approved for this workshop. All workshops must meet minimum attendance. Should that minimum not be met by October 9, 2015, the workshop will be cancelled and your fees refunded.


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