Copyright 101 for Moving Image Archivists workshop (AMIA 2015)

You don’t want to miss the “Copyright 101 for Moving Image Archivists” workshop taking place at AMIA 2015 on November 18! See below for a description of this day-long workshop, and register for the event when you register for the conference at


As a result of the digitization of analog holdings, more and more material from audiovisual archives is being made available online. This marks a transformative shift, as the barriers between archives and users are rapidly diminishing. Once they become digital and part of an open network, objects from audiovisual archives can be shared, recommended, remixed, embedded, cited, referenced to and so on. This shift towards digital enables archives to fulfill their public missions better: crossing geographical boundaries, using new channels for content distribution, engaging with user groups and using new technologies to make work processes more efficient and allow for new access points to collections.

In order to maximize the potential of archival access in the digital realm, archivists need to understand copyright issues, risks and exemptions, and the means of navigating those issues within their institutions. Copyright scholar Andy Sellars will provide a thorough guide to providing broad collection access within the limits of copyright in a workshop titled “Copyright 101 for Moving Image Archivists” on November 18 at AMIA 2015.

This workshop will provide attendees with a clear understanding of U.S. copyright law and the special considerations for online archives under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Attendees will learn about specific issues associated with moving images and sound, as well as exceptions to copyright, including fair use and the specific exemptions for libraries and archives, and the application of these exemptions in the digital world. The workshop will provide opportunities for attendees to work in groups to assess the copyright status of materials, conduct a fair use analysis, and review sample deeds of gift to assess risk of making a variety of types of moving image collections available online. Attendees will also learn about a variety of open licenses that can be used with donation and production agreements, and discuss the importance of obtaining necessary rights for long-term access. In addition, Andy will discuss the various methods of digital streaming and digital access and how copyright law in other countries impacts international access to archival materials. Attendees will gain a greater knowledge of copyright and increased confidence in working with senior administrators to address institutional risk.

Andy Sellars is the Corydon B. Dunham First Amendment Fellow at Harvard Law School, and a clinical fellow at the Harvard Law School Cyberlaw Clinic, based at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society


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