Education Committee 2015 Annual Report

The Education Committee has put together an annual report from the past year which highlights our activities and accomplishments, as well as our goals for 2016. The report
will be discussed at the Committee’s meeting at the #AMIA15 Conference (Thursday, November 19th, 7-8am).

The full report can be viewed here, Annual Report. An outline is below.

All of our student chapters have also submitted their annual reports, which can be viewed on their individual pages HERE. They’ve been quite busy and creative with their activities.

2014 – 2015 Activities Outline:

1. Social Media

  1. AMIA Education Committee site
  2. Audiovisual Archiving Jobs site
  3. Other social media

2. Conference Committee Meetings and Panels

  1. 2014 Committee and Student chapter meetings
  2. 2015 Sponsored panels, Student mixer, Committee meeting

3. Student Support

  1. Student chapters
  2. Student Sub-Committee Survey
  3. Student-L list-serv

4. Continuing Education/Professional Development

  1. Online Continuing Education Task Force – AMIA Online

2016 Projects:

  1. Special Projects with Students and Chapters
  2. Volunteers needed for Ongoing Ed Committee Tasks
  3. Conference Archive Online – AMIA Online?
  4. Build Partnerships with other Committees

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