AMIA 2016 Conference Online: Collaborative Notes

This is a guest post by the AMIA Conference Online Task Force.

Earlier this year, we set up a Task Force to make the AMIA conference more accessible to people who, for whatever reason, cannot make it to the actual location where the conference takes place. One aspect of this is that we will be webstreaming the entire DIY & Community Archiving programme on Friday. Another aspect is an experiment that we copied over from earlier events* and warmly invite you to pitch in on: Collaborative Notes!

The premise is simple: many of you will be taking notes on your devices anyways. Why not use that power to allow people not present – but interested in the topics – to consult the information that is shared in panels and presentations?

We set up a Google Drive folder with editable Google Docs for all the conference sessions – organised per stream, or – for the sessions not part of a stream – organised by day. You can find the full folder here:–i-NfYVlnaUV0UF9lNnc?usp=sharing.

When attending a session, and feeling like taking notes, we warmly invite you to take them in these Google Docs for the world to see. It’s our hope all can benefit from this open way of sharing the wave of vital information that will be coming our way over the next few days.

With warm regards,
Erwin Verbruggen & all the AMIA Conference Online Task Force volunteers: Dinah Handel, Kristin Lipska, Kelle Anzalone, Carla Arton, Katherine Frances Nagels, and Yvonne Ng.

* see for example this year’s Joint Technical Symposium,  the 2015 iPRES ‘Amplified’ Conference in Chapel Hill and the Access, Outreach & Use stream at last year’s AMIA conference!


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