About the Committee

The Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) Education Committee believes that the education and training of moving image archivists is not only central to AMIA’s role as a professional association, but essential to the long-term survival of our moving image heritage.

To this end, the Education Committee promotes, designs, supports, and implements educational programs, projects, and services that contribute to the continuing education and training of working archivists, and facilitate the education and training of students who wish to pursue careers in moving image archive management.

Current Chairs: Jen O’Leary and Andy Uhrich

Student Liaison: Blanche Joslin

Meet the Education Committee Leadership

AMIA Board Liaisons: Teague Schneiter and Casey Davis Kaufman

What is a moving image archivist? 

A moving image archivist is someone who actively conserves, preserves, restores, and makes accessible moving image media. Another variant title for a moving image archivist is an audiovisual archivist, which additionally incorporates recorded sound media.

For more, check out our page So you want to be an Audiovisual Archivist.

What is moving image media?

Different forms of moving image media include movies, television, shorts, home movies, animation, video games, etc.

The different formats of moving image media include film, video, optical media, such as DVDs and laser discs, and digital files.



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