Committee People

Chair: Carla Arton (2014-Present)

arton_carla_03-2016_iuheadshot_resize-1Carla Arton is currently the Film Digitization Specialist at the Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive. Previously, she held positions at the Library of Congress, the Wende Museum of the Cold War, and Chace Audio by Deluxe.

She has a MA in Film Studies with Archiving from the University of East Anglia and a BA in Film Studies from Chapman University. Carla has been involved with the Association of Moving Image Archivists since 2006 when she attended the AMIA Conference in Austin, Texas. She was the recipient of the AMIA Kodak Fellowship in 2006 and has since chaired and spoken on various panels at AMIA.

Student Liaison: Jen O’Leary (2017-Present)

OLearyHeadshotJen O’Leary is currently the Library Consolidation Assistant in Archive Operations at NBCUniversal. She graduated from the UCLA MIAS program in 2016 where she held internships at the USC Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive, the Wende Museum of the Cold War and the Academy Film Archive. In addition to her MA, Jen also holds a BS in Radio/Television/Film and History from Northwestern University.

Jen has been a member of AMIA since 2014, attending the AMIA Conference for the first time in Savannah, GA. She was the 2015 recipient of the AMIA Image Permanence Institute Internship.

AMIA Board Liaisons: 

Siobhan Hagan and Teague Schneiter

Current Volunteers:

Kathy Short  – Website Resources and AMIA Calendar

Scott Statland – Job Postings

Nicolette Khan & Debey Sklenar – AMIA Calendar

Erwin Verbruggen, Dinah Handel, & Kristin Lipska – AMIA Conference Online Task Force

Thank you to our previous chairs for their leadership and dedication.

Kelle Anzalone (2010-2017)
Lance Watsky (2008-2014)
Francis Poole (2004-2008)
Karen Gracy (2000-2004)

Past Amazing Volunteers:

Michelle Roell, Elena Rossi-Snook


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