2014 AMIA Conference-Savannah, GA

Listed below are various resources from the Association of Moving Image Archivists 2014 conference, which took place October 6-11th in Savannah, Georgia.

Conference Site

Conference Program

2014 AMIA Education Committee Meeting Minutes

Blog Posts

Reportage from the 2014 Annual Conference in Savannah!
Lindy Leong, AMIA Conference Committee

AMIA 2014 – 700 miles is a long way to go for 3 millimetres
David Neary, NYU MIAP Student Chapter Vice President

Lessons from the AMIA 2014 Conference Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Programming and Legacy Equipment
Michelle Roell, University of Texas at Austin AMIA Student Chapter Co-Founder/Secretary

AMIA 2014: Open Source Digital Preservation & Access Stream
National Digital Stewardship Residency NY Blog (guest post by Shira Pletzman)

Peaking into the Film Archivists’ Party
Parks Library Preservation blog (guest post by Gloria Ana Diez)



AV Artifact Atlas

QC Tools

Social Media

#AMIA14 Twitter archive

AMIA Instagram Pictures

Panel Presentation Slides available on Conference Site

Play It Again: Creating a Playable History of Australasian Digital Games
Nick Richardson, Australian Centre for the Moving Image

Tracking Media Fragment Provenance & Derivatives With A Graph Database
Laurence Cook, metaCirque

Pursuing PBCore: The Revitalization of a Schema and Community
Casey E. Davis, WGBH Educational Foundation
Dave MacCarn, WGBH Educational Foundation
Jessica Bitely, Northeast Document Conservation Center
Jack Brighton, Illinois Public Media
John Passmore, WNYC
Mary Miller, Peabody Awards Collection Archivist

American Archive of Public Broadcasting: A Community of Public Media Builds an Archive
Karen Cariani, WGBH Educational Foundation
Lauren Sorensen, Library of Congress
Allison Smith, formerly of Wisconsin Public Radio
Nadia Ghasedi, Washington University Libraries
Casey Davis, WGBH Educational Foundation

De-accession, Delete or Destroy: Removing Items from Collections
Deborah Stoiber, George Eastman House
Jennifer Jenkins, University of Arizona
Steve Wilson, Harry Ransom Center

How Safe is Your Data – Examining Data Loss in an Archival Environment
John Walko, Scene Savers
Barry Lunt, PhD, Brigham Young University

Film in Transition: What to do With All Those Stinky Films: Practical Guidelines for the Identifying, Managing and Freezing Films in Advanced Stages of Vinegar Syndrome
Rachael Stoeltje, Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive
Jean-Louis Bigourdan, Image Permanence Institute
Andy Uhrich, Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive

Global Exchange: Online, On the Road, and Inside the Classroom: Advocacy Campaigns in Southeast Asia and the Pacific
Irene Lim, National Archives of Singapore / SEAPAVAA
Sanchai Chotirosseranee, Film Archive Thailand
Karen Chan, Asian Film Archive
Mick Newnham, National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

ABC’s of Video QC: Essential Steps in the Digitization Workflow
Kristin Lipska, California Audiovisual Preservation Project
Kimberly Tarr, New York University Libraries, Bobst Library
Kristin MacDonough, Bay Area Video Coalition

State of the States: Evaluating US Regional AV
Siobhan Hagan, University of Baltimore
Anne Wells, Chicago Film Archives
Lynette Stoudt, Georgia Historical Society

OSDPA: Video Accessibility on the Web and Open Standards
Jason Ronallo, North Carolina State University

Poster:  BD-R Technology for Redundant Copies and International Standards for Long Term Archiving
Max Inui, JVC Advanced Media USA Inc

Additional Presentation Slides

On the Ground at WGBH
Casey E. Davis, American Archive of Public Broadcasting

Digitizing Motion Picture Films: What are we Doing, and Why?
Ken Weissman, Library of Congress

ePADD: Email, Process, Appraise, Discover Deliver
Peter Chan, Stanford University
The Signal blog post on ePADD (Oct 20, 2014)

Video QC Workflow at the CAVPP
Kristin Lipska, California Audiovisual Preservation Project

Click Capture, Press Play: Digitization Initiatives for Regional Audiovisual Collections
Pamela Jean Vadakan, California Audiovisual Preservation Project

Digital Preservation for Technophobes on a Budget
Susan Barrett, Arizona State University

An Update on AS-07: MXF Application Specification for Archiving and Preservation of Video
James Snyder, Library of Congress

Open Source Digital Preservation and Access Stream (OSDPA)

Open Source Tools, Technologies and Considerations
An Introduction to Open Source Software and Web Application Development
Trevor Thornton, North Carolina State University
Introduction to Git and GitHub
Lauren Sorensen, Library of Congress

One Body, Many Heads: Preservation and Access From Project Hydra
Stefan Elnabli, Northwestern University Library

The Avalon Media System: Open Source Audio and Video Access for Libraries and Archives
Jon W. Dunn, Indiana University Libraries

Video Accessibility on the Web and Open Standards
Jason Ronallo, North Carolina State University


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