FIAF Moving Image Cataloging Manual (May 2016)

PBCore 2.1 (08/2015) is a metadata standard designed to describe media, both digital and analog.

Archival Moving Image Materials: A Cataloging Manual (2nd Edition) (AMIM2)

ARSC Guide to Audio Preservation (May 2015) by ARSC, CLIR, and NRPB
-Chapter 5. Description of Audio Recordings

Guidelines for Processing Collections with Audiovisual Material (April 2015) by Megan McShea, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institute
-Chapter 5. AV Description in EAD using Archivists’ Toolkit

BibFrame AV Modeling Study (2014)
Provides an overview of current cataloging practices for AV materials, proposes a generic content model, and proposes changes to the current BibFrame model and vocabularies to facilitate better descriptions of AV content.

OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards (4th edition)


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