Starting A New AMIA Student Chapter

In order to establish a Chapter, the following required documents must be submitted to the AMIA Office at:

1313 North Vine St., Los Angeles, CA 90028
Tel: 323- 463-1500

The constitution should include: goals and objectives, membership requirements, the duties and terms of Chapter Officers, procedures for electing Chapter Officers (and filling vacancies), and the frequency of meetings.

Current Student Chapter Constitutions:

Name of Advisor
Student Chapters must submit the name of a faculty or staff member who is willing to work with the Chapter.

Chapter Officers and Chapter Members
All Officers and Chapter members must be AMIA members in good standing. It is recommend that each Chapter has a President, Treasurer and Secretary. Some Chapters also have a Vice President, Outreach Coordinator, PR, Communications Officer, and Webmaster, among other positions. While the exact positions can be determined by each group, there must be a structured board to oversee the group.

Registering the Chapter with your School
While not required, it is highly recommended that all Student Chapters also follow their school’s procedures for establishing a student group. Most schools will have a student organization body with instructions for registering and re-registering student groups. This will usually involve submitting paperwork describing your student group and can involve completing your Constitution, participating in a workshop, and submitting the names of an advisor and members. Examples of some of the student organization bodies for current Student Chapters are:

Mentor Chapters
New Chapters can request a Mentor Chapter from the AMIA Education Committee. The Committee will connect a new Chapter with an established Chapter to offer advice or assistance during the new Chapter’s first year. The extent of the communication is up to the individual Chapters, but past mentorships have led to exchange visits and event collaborations.

If you’re an existing Chapter and are interested in mentoring new Chapters, contact


Student Chapters are bound by AMIA’s Code of Conduct. Membership in each chapter will not be restricted in any way for reasons of race, creed, color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, or ancestry.