Below is a list of films made about moving image and sound archiving.

A Flickering Truth (2015)A_Flickering_Truth_poster
The film follows the attempts by Ibrahim Arify to restore the Afghan Film archives in Kabul following the Taliban capture of the city.

A Century of Sound II (2015)
The History of Sound in Motion Pictures: The Sound of Movies 1933-1975 is the second installment of former UCLA Preservation Officer Robert Gitt’s series, A Century of Sound.

Celluloid Man (2012)
About legendary Indian archivist P. K. Nair, founder of the National Film Archive of India.

 Side by Side (2012)
The documentary investigates the history, process and workflow of both digital and photochemical film creation.

These Amazing Shadows (2011)
On the history and importance of the National Film Registry.

A Century of Sound (2007)
A documentary on the history of sound in motion pictures.

Keepers of the Frame (1999)
An exploration of film preservation in the United States featuring archivists from UCLA Film and Television Archive and the Library of Congress’ Motion Picture Conservation Center (the former location in Dayton, OH).

The Race to Save 100 Years (1997)
A documentary on film preservation, covering the replacement of nitrate film by safety film, fading colors, and various problems faced by archivists such as Robert Rosen (UCLA Film & Television Archive) and Mary Lea Bandy (MoMA).

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